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The Kingdom of Broken Dreams

July 24, 2018
By Panthera GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
Panthera GOLD, Plymouth, Minnesota
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Welcome to the Kingdom of Crushed Dreams

To our left is the Mountains of Broken Hearted Lovers- all those tender moments, never to be lived

On our right is the Shining Hill of Power and Magic- fliers to be grounded forever, shapeshifters to have only one form, mages who lose their powers instantly

Ahead of us is the Peak of Youth-inaccsessable by all, full of regrets and yesterdays

Behind us is the Palace of Lost Hopes-it's rather large, isn't it? It's where all the dreams, corrupted by the darkness of jealousy, realization, and hatred are sorted

if we take a few million steps forward, the Endless Pool of Power emerges-unreachable by most who try

Across that wide, thousand mile river is the Kingdom of Granted Dreams-a terrible place who we are battling against

Soon, it will fall, and we can store the dreams of reincarnating lost friends, family, and pets there. There's so many, even our infinite land is running out of space!

it would be nice to journey there sometime

It's nice there-being in the Oasis of Happiness, surrounded by the Gentle Hills of Courage and Support

It's always a sunny day over there-here, it's always a moonless night

Over there, reality doesn't grind down wishes and dreams-it feeds them instead

But, alas, this is the Kingdom of Crushed Dreams

The Kingdom also known as Reality

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