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The Last Czar of Imperial Russia

June 7, 2018
By Pianogirl08 GOLD, Hugo, Minnesota
Pianogirl08 GOLD, Hugo, Minnesota
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The revolution began in 1905,
When workers went on strike and peasants grew uneasy.
A crushed rebellion, the arrests of revolutionaries,
The soviets had fallen, but they were still alive.
World War I came around.
The czar left for the battlefront,
The German czarina was left in charge,
The Russian people had little hope to be found.
“One has to struggle much
Because the return for good is evil,
And evil reigns.”
Chaos ensued, the economy began to fail,
When the war grew worse.
The czar was away on the battlefront,
The czarina was left in charge, in the beginning of this tale.
“The way a man treats a woman
Is the best identification of his nobility.”
The Imperial family was unaware,
That the end of their tale was soon to come,
When the czar was on the battlefront
And the czarina was left to rule with things she was unable to bear.
February of 1917 came with biting cold.
A new rally and political meetings were held,
When the czar returned from the battlefront
And the Imperial family had to remain bold.
“God doesn’t abandon us.
The sun shines, the birds sing,
And this morning,
We heard the bells sounding martins.”
October was quickly near,
The winter palace was overtaken by the Soviets.
The Imperial family was placed under house arrest,
And the czar learned he had a reason to fear.
July of 1918 came too soon.
The Imperial family was moved to a safe house in the Urals
After a civil war broke out.
The family believed themselves to be safe in the country in ruin.
“It is not evil which conquers evil,
But only love.”
“When I am dead, I will not hurt anymore,
Will it, mama?
When I am dead,
Build me a little monument of stones in the woods.”
The Imperial family was taken to the basement one fateful night,
When their trusted guards deceived them.
There they were shot, servants and all,
That fateful time in July when there was no light.
“Sleep sweetly and see me in your dreams
And I will see you so we are quits!”

The author's comments:

This poem is about the Romanov family and the Russian Revolutions in the early twentieth century. It includes quotes from multiple Romanov family members.

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