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Questions to an Archaic Knight

May 15, 2018
By NisrealEvenstar SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
NisrealEvenstar SILVER, Traverse City, Michigan
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~Ernest Hemingway

Oh great and mighty wanderer!
The lord of sights unseen,
Have you heard the mer-girls fair,
Or seen white griffins preen?

Have you wandered trails in dust,
Or felt the bitter snow?
Have you fought in lofty peak,
Or hunted tawny doe?

Do you have a crown of gold,
And with emerald inlaid,
Or silver sword drawn out to full
In magic woodland glade?

Has crimson blood of hoary beast
Or the hide of ancient kill,
Boasted for you of your worth
And of your knightly skill?

Have you seen the castles built on high,
Meshed in silver cloud?
Or knelt before a regal queen,
When she, in turn, has bowed?

Where have I been these days before?
To me it all is smoke.
Perhaps a-knocking on death’s door
With my needle and my dope.

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