Work of Time

February 19, 2017
By Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
Garrett1.carrot PLATINUM, Enterprise, Utah
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Time is the key to our existence.
Time helps us go a long distance.
Time is what make the living and the dead.
Time is what make us forget what someone said.
Time brings life and joy!
Time can also destroy.
Time takes us place to place, like multiple carriages.
Time makes friendships and marriages.
Time brings wisdom and knowledge.
Time takes us from Pre-K to college.
Time also creates deceit.
Time is like a wide spread fleet.
Time blocking us from continuing without permission.
Time subtracts life while it additions.
Time gives us answer that are true.
Time keeps us straight on a new.
Time never stops to wait for anyone.
Time will go forever never to be done.
Time is the longest of our climbs.
Because it will never be anything, but “time”.

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