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A Medieval Tale

July 11, 2016
By 9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
9spaceking PLATINUM, Chantily, Virginia
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Legends far and wide
none tell the whole truth like mine
Hearken! My good friends.

A long time ago
in a tall tower of night
an evil wizard

trapped a hero
with no help; all hope of light
reduced to zero.

With a smile quite wry
he did sent his short message
"Send gold--else...he dies."

The town heard the news
and everyone was scared
except one young girl.

"When the bastard men
came to town, stole our money
he saved us then,

If you will not help,
I will repay the favor
with no one braver."

Only eighteen, she
decided to do what was right
with only a sword

along with courage,
and little contact in fight.
she ventured onward.

Clashed with monsters!
Crossed those rivers and mountains!
Clobbered those bandits!

No matter what traps,
what riddles had been planted,
she bested them all.

Many days later
she finally reached there,
standing in front of

The Tower of Doom.
"Where is the money, young gal?"
"Let him go right now."

With no gold in sight,
a wicked smile did get blight,
and prepared to fight.

The wizard exclaims--
"You cannot defeat me!" as
our hero worries.

With a wave of hands--
along a ROAR! the room was
filled with massive flames.

He cackles and laughs
but our heroine steps forth
swinging her sharp sword--

the wizard summons
forth spiders, goblins, and trolls
against brave attacks.

Through parry and block,
the battle was in deadlock
until she spotted--

The Hero's own sword.
With a grab and a quick stab,
the wizard went down,

with crazy mumbles.
"HAHA, she will avenge me...
You had better flee..."

Ignoring the threat,
the girl untied the hero,
and the hero, well,

he was quite thankful.
The town admitted its fault
and praised the gal.

The hero gave her
his hand in marriage and they
lived happily.

--But, not "forever";
the wizard's threat was not null.
Lurking in the dark,

waiting for revenge,
Wearing a dark robe, she was...
The Wizard's Mother.

The author's comments:

A story made entirely of haikus.

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