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10,000 Reasons

September 1, 2015
By futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
futurista12 ELITE, Far Rockaway, New York
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10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


One thousand years I waited for your arms to embrace me
It's true I ran a little but a thousand legs would chase me
I worried if I could trust you, but then your eyes would erase me
And draw me back a different girl from starting line to racy
One thousand years we fought over the dumbest things like whether
Bey and Jay were good for each other; that's when we realized
It was us who needed to be together
It was hard with all the rules and regulations, but we thought our
History made a pretty strong foundation
Can't believe I'm on my own in this situation
One thousand years you waited for me to give up the chase
After one thousand years of looking at your face


10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Two thousand pictures, you put them all on Instagram
#beautiful #mygirl #loveofmylife #forever
#hashtag #hashtag #this #that, #whathappenedtous
Me in your beanie (Go Knicks!), me on your lap
Dag, how did that even end up on Snapchat?
Aww so sweet; u guys are so cute; then one non-commenter
Had a chance to check out our background and roots
Church Of God children don't take co-ed pictures
Calling up my mother like, you have nothing better to do?
You that bored, you all up in our lives like you aint been a teenager, too
Mom would never suspect I had a boyfriend, it was the easiest thing to hide
“Sorry, Mom, I won't be taking any more pictures with guys”
Not with you
But for you
Blowing kisses to Carmelo's statue because one day you'll be there, too
Baby, please don't give up your dream cuz I'm always rooting for you
Two thousand pictures that'll last longer
Just don't forget that this'll make me stronger


10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Three thousand miles that separate the two of us
Three thousand miles I'd hike, or I'd even take the bus
Three thousand miles away, please don't stay there
Tell me if it's my fault- I swear I'll disappear
I never knew three thousand miles could be so far
I could sit beside you and still not be where you are
I gave my heart away and took it back again
It isn't your fault it came shattered and tattered in the end
Why'd you make me fall
In love, that love hurts, it hurts to give your all
Three thousand miles doesn't mean you're not in my heart
It just makes it harder for losing you to start


10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Four thousand mistakes you've made, and so have I
But you were never a mistake to me for I have
Always loved you unconditionally for there are
Four thousand mistakes you've made that I have overlooked
I'm not gonna be like a teacher and keep them all in a book
3,999 mistakes I'm willing to overlook, but the greatest
Mistake is sitting here writing in this book
I'll always be a mistake and that's okay
Just like you erased my good girl, you can make me go away
Four thousand mistakes can be forgiven at the cross
99 forgiven and I'm the one who's lost


10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Five thousand issues, they say it's more than Vogue
But I'm a mental basketcase and I'm a hot mess
I believe in fantasy cuz reality is stress
You got Daddy issues too, but you're a guy
You don't get how he makes me sit and cry
This poem is really wack
My illest involve hatred but this one is about my lack
Never good enough for you, I must be truly bipolar
But everybody got issues
There will never be a perfect girl
Who am I kidding, I was the one to break up with you
But I did it to save you and to save me before you
Did the same to me
A smart girl...
Kisses, but does not love; listens, but doesn't believe
And leaves before she is left
I left, but I loved
And I believed every word you ever said
Five thousand issues arise and I'm dumb to
Write a stupid, long poem that doesn't rhyme
No, I am not wise

10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Six thousand excuses for never showing up
Six thousand excuses for why you were late
Six thousand excuses and complaints as to why
You and I could never relate, yet we
Understood the general consensus
Work hard, earn moolah, run away together
Fly away from this place
Away from the pain
Relying on each other
You promised to take the pain away
Live on love
Love don't pay the bills, but we both got skills
Love and live
Forget and forgive
Six thousand excuses to why you gave it all up
Six thousand excuses for why you gave me up
Although I spoke the words, you thought them first
Excuses and now I'll have to leave and make it
On my own in
A Great Big World


10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Seven thousand secrets we kept, but no more
I spilled the beans before you crashed my dreams
You still dashed them to the floor
I was the biggest secret, like you were so ashamed
I stayed hidden like a Jack-in-the-Box without springs
You didn't even want your friends to know
Cuz there are better....... and you thought
He was right?
His words rang so derogatory, yet for me you wouldn't fight
Don't tell Alston
Don't tell Alston
Please don't tell Alston
Will kill me
You went all the way to CT and didn't even tell me
Seven thousand secrets and the hardest one to keep
Is the one that's keeping me awake when I try to go to sleep

10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Eight thousand promises you forgot you made
I'm not even mad that you missed my last game
We don't agree on sports, but really that's okay
You promised you weren't going anywhere
That church was just an act
You promised not to let it in your head, don't let them hack
Eight thousand promises of never leaving
Eight thousand promises of finding my father with a TKO
Eight thousand promises that I was beautiful
Promises that we would escape
Our fathers' wrath and hate
Promises I believed would come true
I wanted to believe in you cuz you said I never do
I wanted to believe you'd take care of me like you
Said you would


10,000 reasons why

10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Nine thousand lies cuz you meant to break promises
You trusted I would trust you; you were right
Nine thousand lies about loving everything about me
Nine thousand lies about our continuity
Every kiss, every hug, and your hugs never can
Compare to my big brother hugs, but since big brother
Isn't, wasn't, isn't, wasn't, isn't here
I needed something to lean on
Every word was a lie, but I trusted; I was blind
Love is blind, but love doesn't lie
Does that mean you never loved me?
Nine thousand lies: Pinocchio's nose must have grown
Shades of eggplant broke my bones
I'm nine thousand lies stupid and I thought
My GPA was high
Too dumb to tell the difference between honesty
And lies


10,000 reasons why
10,000 reasons I say goodbye
And 1 is all because of you


Ten thousand reasons why I left you
And it's all because of you because I love you
Ten thousand reasons why I had to go
I couldn't tell it all, but you know
You know
You know all about the
Thousand years
Two thousand pictures
Three thousand miles
Four thousand mistakes
Five thousand issues
Six thousand excuses
Seven thousand secrets
Eight thousand promises
Nine thousand lies
You know about 9,999 reasons
You just don't know 1

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