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March 16, 2015
By Gabbyyirene GOLD, Winter Garden, Florida
Gabbyyirene GOLD, Winter Garden, Florida
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Home is supposed to be where you feel secure.
You shouldn’t have too worry about being judged because home is where you’re supposed to be yourself.
Home is supposed to be where you can take your guard down and be a little immature.
But instead, I’m scared of hearing what their going to say so I keep my overloading thoughts to myself.

It takes every drop of motivation to force myself out of my comfy bed.
I dread the extensive school day because it’s just as unwelcoming as home.
There’s no way to escape the screeching voices telling me to stop talking because they don’t care what I said.
I’m counting down the days until I’m grown.

I’m sitting in my room listening to the walls talk about me and they don’t think I can hear.
Their all laughing and my name echoes out of their insensitive voices.
“I’m not wanted here but sadly I have no where else I can go” I think to myself as my eyes release a tear.
Parents are the ones that make unsuitable choices.

I don’t understand what I did wrong.
It’s like everyone has something against me but they don’t even know the real me.
Aren’t we all just trying to find the one place we belong?
I don’t mean to be a bother, annoying isn’t what I intended to be.

I find it ironic however that my whole life, my family has said I’m annoying.
The one person, who I was finally beginning to be myself around, said I was annoying too.
I don’t understand how I’m supposed to act without myself destroying.
I don’t have the desire to be someone new.

Please just accept me for who I am.
Don’t try to change me because sometimes I like being silly and sometimes I give my honest opinion whether you like it or not.
If you don’t like my personality, then scram.
And in 20 years from now please don’t be angry when your name comes up and I say, “Oops I forgot”.

The author's comments:

This is about feeling unwelcomed or unwanted at home and at school.

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