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Feelings inside

January 31, 2014
By freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
freakycatlover DIAMOND, Antrim, New Hampshire
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You’re gone because I couldn’t undo it.
My heart is broken, but you don’t think I can feel it.
It is bleeding because you pulled the thread too tight,
released all the feelings I held inside.
It is over because you couldn’t undo the damage,
couldn’t manage to fix it.
It hasn’t healed, but I hold on for dear life.
It is over because it never started.
It is broken because you lied.
You can’t fix the broken hearted,
even though they say it’ll heal with time.
It is over and now I’m on the edge.
It is over because of what you said.
You can’t undo what you did,
we’re through.
What you don’t know is,
I miss you, and I was never over you.
Before I could fix it, you left
packed your things and away you went.

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