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A Call That Doesn't Come

July 1, 2013
By MadelineSwift PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
MadelineSwift PLATINUM, Katy, Texas
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Today I felt a something
that can't be described as nothing.
If it was I would be bluffing
for betwixt you I was shuffling.

All coherent thought, it dies
as you look into my eyes,
and I look into your eyes,
and I'm sure I can't disguise

that my heart is beating loudly,
all my words presenting softly,
and my mind is floating, lofty,
my responses sounding weakly.

In my bedroom I have been
playing back events again,
analyze your words again,
think them over, think and then

I realize I'm staring now
at the numbers there, and now I'm
wishing that you're calling now
so I can stand and tell you how

I've been waiting for your call.
Being with you is a thrall.
As you stand there proud and tall
all that I can do is crawl.

When you fix me with your gaze,
you to me always amaze.
Navigating in a maze
is how I feel because your faze

my beating heart and thoughts and feet,
singing out intangible feat.
Not coherently you seat
your presence into my heartbeat.

So now I wait beside the phone
waiting for a ring to home
as the time remains unknown
for now my love, my heart you own.

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