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A Dream I Once Dreamt

February 26, 2012
By MarbleJarble BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
MarbleJarble BRONZE, Springboro, Ohio
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A thing is not necessarily true because a man dies for it.

What hath thou done
To capture my heart so completely
Render me so
Taken my faith
And hand it back to me
While claiming me as nothing more
than good company

I wonder if thy dreams of me
But surely ne’er that can be
For thine sleep must be pleasing
And with me, there’d be no meetings
Greetings, or a swift hello
These might lead to dreams of woe

But I insure thou I think of you
More often then a moon of blue
And how you surround me so
In many ways you’ll never know

Pools of clear darkness
Murky and opaque
Thy hath slanted balance of the give and take
But I give you more each day
And watch myself fade away
To a love not returned
And in my soul it burns,
Quickly though, a pain so smart
It leaves me with lingering embitterment, naught.

I think of you
In my conscious mind as well
And it creates my living hell
I have sacrificed my life
To a trick
And though I miss the things I gave
Were they ever mine to save?

I shall ask you this right away
Be careful of what you say
Because in your mouth
There is my heart
Cracked already
Worn and fraught

I speak now
You seem so thoughtful
Leaving me bordering awful
In your eyes the best deception
And I wonder if you’re a reflection
Of a dream I once dreamt
But in my heart thou shall still be kept

The author's comments:
A regular unrequited love poem.

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