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Heroes through the Decades

December 17, 2010
By Nicole Williams BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Nicole Williams BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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The screams, the shouts, and many yelp
Who most come from those in need of help
Will we ever get freedom? Some may ask
Others don’t bare to think the task

The pain, the tears, oh how they suffer
Their only lesson, General says, is to get tougher
They travel, they hide, they *tick tick tick* fire!
You’d think they’d give up, but they were taught never to retire

Who are these citizens who fight for our rights?
Whose lives are at stake everyday, every night
We give out our trust and sympathy to all
The veterans and heroes, those who live and who fall

The days spent running, doing obstacles till perfection
Kids think they could take it, but its way harder than a detention
Pepper spray being shot into your eyes for another hour
Its hard not to make a peep, your not allowed to be a coward

To think how they train, the things they must go through
Who would have ever guessed, who would have even knew
If it wasn’t for them, what would the world be today?
Just think of what you have, trust me, you wouldn’t want it any other way

Yet we go through our lives forgetting the men and women who fought
The ones who simply decided they care without much thought
Leaving their friends, family, and home once again
They leave on their journeys, with confidence, that they will make it to the end

These veterans and heroes of ours, they learn to respect
We support out troops, who are always there to protect
So now you should realize, now you should see
All in all, “freedom isn’t free”

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem in memory of my cousin Paul R., who fought in the U.S. Marines.

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