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August 13, 2010
By Rams20 BRONZE, Summersville, West Virginia
Rams20 BRONZE, Summersville, West Virginia
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My only fear of death is coming back reincarnated

Desperation kindred as this cruel night unwinds
Indecision to be one as i watch my dream entwine

Allegations pointed at me as if i am to blame
But i cannot be accounted for as i am the one to be ashamed

Dreamers despair comes rushing during this untimely hour
I try to pass it up but it just keeps coming faster

If there is a place to go where i can escape it all
Let me know so i can go and be the one to fall

Opportunity creeps in so i know this whole thing is real
But my silence shows emotions that i cant express or feel

So will my livelihood forsake me for where i am to go
In the afterlife of this world will my pitted face ever show

Just a little notion from my flaming mind in tact
This conspiracy has downed me and i know not how to act

The night is almost over and my dream is lost at sea
Despair has had it's time with me and now i cannot be

Entities from this life and from the life Ive left behind
Unlocked a corespondent time line which im sure you cannot find

Blistered thoughts go haywire as i watch this twisted entity
Validating my past and acknowledging my credibility

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