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I Am more than what u think

August 17, 2010
By MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
MysteryHeart GOLD, Thorold, Other
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I looked upon the sandy shore and saw there to behold
Lands filled with every creature, the streets were made to hold
Jungles full and forests thick, I stared out in the yonder
Questions jumbled in my mind on them I swayed to ponder
Who is it now that made this here a beautiful creation?
Who could have come up and dared these wonderful sensations?
Who was it that formed that which we can not fathom?
Who could it be that conceived the being, but did not turn it far from?

Alas! Twas not man. Again not the universe itself
Tis is not and idea plucked off a dusty, cluttered shelf.

These are those things that are beautiful

The Oceans the stars, the lands that are far
The wind the rain that splash on my pane
The flowers the seas the mountains the trees,
The birds and the bees the whole galaxy

These are those things that are wonderful

A flower in the snow an earthquake on the sea
The desert after it rains a sunrise in the freezing
An eagle above the clouds, no sun for a year
The moon so close to earth, and when silence you can hear

These are those that we can not fathom

The width of space, planets having their place
Are Zebras black or white, white or black?
How do bees wings lift their body mass?
Why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?
Is the Venus fly trap higher in the food chain?
When I travel to the arctic why am I not upside down?
Why do we hit water deep in the desert ground?

This is the being far fallen from

A man in his own mind a woman in her vain
A teen in their own selfishness a child in its pain
A business in its own pride, a drunkard in their folly
A homeless person on the street, a government not thrifty

On the earth I may never know those things that can not be explained
Why is it now that I ponder these questions on my wall and framed
There must be an answer and so I will keep searching deeper
Until my stomach is filled and my thirst need be quenched no more

What is a miracle? Could you explain it to me please?
I’d like the real answer, no dictionary referees.
Is it a coincidence? Something hanging in the balance?
Could it be a freak of nature? I’ll deem it fat chance!

No it is something deeper and even more sincere
It raises spirits and lifts hearts and suppresses everyone’s fears
It makes eyes water and gives a tingling feeling
Stirs up emotions of every kind the hardness comes off peeling

But how did they get here?
Again my simple mind comes and passes questions
Trying to answer my own thoughts.
How foolish! I know I cannot do this my own
Oh! Only if there is a number of which I can phone and find out all the answers.
Then maybe my mind would have some peace instead of shaking in the rafters
I would be able to rest knowing that I would have to work so hard being on my own. Oh, how I am so alone.

I cry out in the air and does any one hear?
I can’t even hear it myself, and so my heart screams out for help
“Will you answer?” I say to no one in particular? “You must be out there? Whoever you are? Can you the one who made everything so beautiful and created the unfathomable lift my troubled spirit and despair? Answer me please if you will?
And then I heard it something powerful yet so small and still.

“I am that I am” five words that’s all I heard
I asked the voice for more just to be sure
And then He came to me in a form I can not explain
It’s as if all I felt disappeared and even the pain
And he downloaded into me all the answers to my questions
And every single word I kept as a lesson

I AM the beginning and the end
I AM steadfast and I do not bend
I AM yesterday today and forevermore the same
And I do not change
I was here before the foundations of the earth
And I was hear when the first woman gave birth
I AM the Creator of life and the beautiful things you see
I made the heart mind and soul of the human being
I AM the one who sits upon the throne
And I AM always with you when feeling alone

I AM the Judge and lawgiver when justice is not served
I AM the one when in the right season gives a word
I AM the one who makes crooked paths straight
I AM the one who keeps you from the enemies bait
I AM a strong tower in your time of need
I AM your Provider when you sow a seed
I AM your best friend when no one is near
I AM your light in the dark when you start to fear
I AM what makes you salty in such a bitter world
I stretch you out from the ball in which you are curled
I AM the Lion of praise that fills your mouth each morning
I AM the song that you sing to me your voice is not boring
I AM the force that lifts your hands in worship
I AM that gentle tug that draws you towards Him
I AM you blanket of warmth when you are cold
I AM your shield when its time to be bold
I AM the one who fills your mouth each day
So that you may use grace with what you say
I AM your Dad who hugs you when you start to cry
I AM the Father who holds your hand when you become shy

Upon my research for concrete to start my foundation
And with asking the Lord there was some revelation
In the Hebrew the word “AM” means “to exist”
So with wondering what to do on Him I did persist
And the small simple phrase although yet so powerful
Can be said this way making sense to the simple
“I exist that I exist” is the way it should be spoken
And when you ponder on these things receive it as a token

The next question I was asked was “So how do I exist to you?”
And I had to think it over hard in through
To you it could be all of creation
To a church leader new revelation
To a doctor when performing a surgery
To a police arresting for forgery
To a mother when life is born
To a farmer with an abundance of corn
To a father getting promoted at work
To a fisherman feeling a jerk
To a child when its desires are met
Or to the starving when they are fed

To me it is much more in several different ways
And on this I won’t deny nor keep behind the shades

To me the most important on Him revealing himself
Is that I know He loves me and doesn’t toss me on the shelf
He is there when I argue; cry when it’s not fair
He is there when I am frustrated and can’t manage my own hair
But He fills me with peace and calms the inside
He spanks me when I’m wrong to bring down my pride
He is there when I am tired and feel like not enduring
He is there when I’m weak and don’t want to be persevering
But He gives me strength to not sway and give me balance
He humbles himself to pick me up showing me resilience
He is there when I smile behind one not so sweet
He is there when I want to scream for being in defeat
But He fills my heart with love enough for every one
Because in my spirit is His one and only Son

He is there when I fight tears about cruelty for the weak
He is there when my feelings move for those who cannot speak
And He gives me word that one day every one will hear
Because He granted me a fire that burns and chases away fear
He is there when with friends I stand with and not against
He is there when linked together the chain we form is best
And He fills my heart with forgiveness when I’m hurt and torn
So that I can keep moving on so love doesn’t sound like a brassy horn
He is there when I stand for righteousness completely
He is there when with relatives I show Christianity
And He fills my mouth with salt when needing to be seasoned
So that when it’s the right time for saying that Jesus is the reason
And last but not least where He exists and cherished the most
Is when we walk and talk and receive from the Holy Ghost
And as I have identified where he shows Himself to me
I hope that you also will not be ignorant of His leading
The world you see around you is not a lie or scam
Because I know the One who made it is the great I AM

The author's comments:
Theres more to ponder about life than you actually think there is

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