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Kieran and Anghara

April 17, 2010
By Adari SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
Adari SILVER, Bellingham, Washington
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All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes,to make it possible.

One, the seeker, near and far
Searching for his love, his heart
Two, the Changer, free and fay
Lingers in the desert day.

Ai’Bre’hinnah, Changer of Days
An’sen’thar of Kheldrini ways
She waits, the young queen, power true
To take back Roisinan, water’s hue.

Leader of his vagrant band
The brave young rebel, sword in hand
Awaits Anghara, princess dear
In the broken land of Bresse’s tears.

Separate, together, linked by Fate
Both face tyrant’s endless hate
Sif Kir Hama, upstart king
Son of Dynan’s dynasty.

Brother of the golden flame
Sharing father, half the same
Sif Sight-hater, scourge of souls
Leaves for seers an empty hole.

Anghara’s return, betrayed by time
Forgets what was known in the desert rhyme
Wings of the Goddess clipped and tattered;
Rebel leader’s hope shattered.

At last, desperate, heart unbound
Kieran breaches a fortress sound
Released from dungeon, broken and weak
She gives to him her soul to keep.

Seeking healing, fragile and fey
Her broken spirit blindly sways
Clinging to her desert dream
Guided, unknowing, by spirits unseen.

Wise Ai’Jihaar, ancient sage
Percieves the tale of mountain ways;
Mighty Al’Khur, ancient God
Lends his strength with regal nod.

Arrogant Ai’Daileh, proud and cold
Calls with blood dark presence old
With forsaken princess held enthralled
Death, not its God, comes to call.

Desert ritual broken astray
Kieran fathoms intent of day
Desperate, he calls a cherished name
Ai’Bre’hinnah, revealed Changer of Days.

In the wind-carved rock of Khar’i’id
A wingéd goddess is seen within
Freed at last, from the place she was laid
A choice he is given, power and pain.

Restored, Anghara is whole again
Seeking justice for her tyrannous kin
She battles for her rightful throne
Triumphant, at last she wins her home.

The long fight’s toll is more than guessed
As her brother, at last, comes to rest
In the land he loved but could not rule
Grieved for by sister, time’s ill-fated tool.

In the tomb of his fathers she lays him down
Bright tears streaming, a golden crown
She sets on his brow, wrought of magery’s flame
Honor and love for a blighted name.

Kieran, sore at heart and soul
Wishes that he could never know
The agony of the choice he has to make;
Rent in two, bowing to fate.

To stay, and watch her fulfill her name
She who he loves but could never claim
She a Queen, and him no lord
But an orphan from the desert’s horde;

Or to leave her forever, his cherished queen
And roam the desert for sights unseen
Pretending to forget her, wasting away
With the loss of the one who filled his days.

Magic revealed by snowy pool
Truth unveiled in winter cool
Separate, they both shall fade away
Together, their love forever shall stay.

Joyous and free, souls meld in embrace
The Queen and her King, in the other’s face
Each see a soulmate’s glittering hue
Kieran and Anghara, forever true.

A desert hawk cries at the mountain way
As the world embraces the Changing of Days;
Changer and Mortal, shadow and flame
Together forever in soul’s true name.

The author's comments:
This piece is about the two main characters in Alma Alexander's books "The Hidden Queen" and "Changer of Days". I give her full credit for making up all the names, characters, and places, but the poetry is original.

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