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The Unquiet Grave

March 31, 2010
By NRKirby SILVER, La Porte, Indiana
NRKirby SILVER, La Porte, Indiana
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As I sit by the Grave
Of my one true love
I mourn for twelve months and a day
I wait through the rain
I long for her fond embrace
And this pain that I feel will not go away

When the twelve months
And a day were gone
A voice spoke from the Mother Earth’s breast
“Who are you? Who
“Sits upon my grave
“And will not let me rest?”

“It’s me”
I reply
“It’s I, your own true love.
“I mourn your death
“I sit upon your grave
“I long for your embrace of love.”

“Why do you wait
“And mourn for me?
“What is it you want?”
“I wish for one kiss
“From your claylike lips
“And that is all I want.”

“You wish for one kiss
“From my claylike lips
“But my breath is deadly and strong
“If I gave you one kiss
“From my own cold lips
“You will not wait too long.”

“My wait will be long
“My wait will be short
“May it be tomorrow or today
“May the Lord of Hosts
“Have all of my soul
“But I will kiss your cold lips of clay”

“You will wait your life
“Out until it ends
“Not throw it away on me
“Go on and love another
“Live out your time
“And then happy you will be.”

“I don’t want to love again
“Not another soul
“All I want is your heart
“I will not love again
“Not another soul
“Until we are no longer apart”

“Then away,
“My fair lover
“Then away and wait for your day
“Make yourself content
“With the joys of this world
“Until death calls you away.”

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