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November 20, 2022
By Anonymous

My heart stayed there nauceous,

was it suddenly being so cautious?

Every single day it felt it was impractical,

It couldn't bear the pain of feeling more unsettled.

The days and nights were spent quite long,

What was up to it erelong?

It utilized the habit of contrasting itself to peers,

Consoling how praiseworthy they are here.

Was it the only one who contemplate restlessly?

Or,Was it the merit which was still hidden in deeply?

It was drained out of all the histrionics however,

Ain't nobody succeeded in tranquilizing it whatsoever.

It felt worthless day and night,

Regretting that it was not wrong but also not right. 

The author's comments:

I am Aradhya,a 12 year old girl from Nepal.This poem is written by me.This poem is basically based on my emotions and feelings.It's all about how I feel about myself.I do not think I can describe it any further.Do give some suggestions.

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