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The Power of Words

August 17, 2019
By ahmontgomery PLATINUM, Eminence, Kentucky
ahmontgomery PLATINUM, Eminence, Kentucky
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They’re just words
They mean nothing
They don’t impact a person’s life
Words hold no power
And songs have no meaning

If they’re just words
And they mean nothing
Then why do they impact our lives
You say words hold power
And yet moves to tears

You speak
And someone listens
With every word
Some kind of meaning glistens
But no you’re right

Words hold no meaning
No power
Reading is futile
Songs are just for fun
And if I’m crude to someone else
No biggie
My words hold no power
To anyone

The author's comments:

In today's society, people seem to hold the belief that words have no power. I constantly hear people say "they're just words, why do they matter". But words DO matter, if they didn't MLKJ would've never written the I have a dream speech, but also that kid that was bullied in school would never have commit suicide because if words didn't matter they wouldn't hurt so much.

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