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February 16, 2018
By HushedButterfly GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
HushedButterfly GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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What is Broken?

What does it mean?

You tell me my laugh is loud as an elephant,

but does that make me Broken?

Do not tell me I am Broken because,

I know.

I know that you are a bit of a Broken bully.

I refuse to be called Broken and belittled becuase,


I am afraid,

But that does not make me Broken.

I am not broken.

I do not smile to big

or laugh to much.

Because you may be a bit of a bossy, broken bully,

I can be an unBroken friend.

Before you call me Broken,

What does Broken mean?

The author's comments:

I hear a lot of people being called broken because they are different. I want people to know that they are not broken they are unique.

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