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February 4, 2018
By Nid.Lilly SILVER, Olympia, Washington
Nid.Lilly SILVER, Olympia, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
"You are who you are, not who others say or think you are."

Friendship is-

    Hard to find.

    Hard to recieve.

    Hard to give.


Friendship can-

    Break easily.

    Demand loyalty.

    Initiate Sorrow.


Friendship will-

    Banish loneliness.

    Bring happiness.

    Brand faithfulness.


Friendship has-

    Brought together.

    Broken apart.

    Belated affection.


Friendship does-

    Nothing to help.

    Nothing to harm

    Everything to heal.


But, when you have it-



    Fills your life.

    Fills your heart.

    Fills yours soul.


True friendship is hard-

    To find.

    To maintain.

    To give up.

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