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October 11, 2007
By Anonymous


Everything is white with freezing winter snow,
and everyone gathers around to make a huge snowman.
When everyone is shivering cold,
we all come inside to chug hot cocoa
and rest a while by the warm fire.
Happiness hangs in the air for the arrival of Christmas.

Anticipation from Christmas
is everywhere, like the white snow
on the ground. By the fire,
we watch children make a snowman.
We sip hot cocoa,
trying to stay far away from the cold.

Winter this year is amazingly cold,
which is the only bad part of Christmas.
Some people even drink hot cocoa
while out in the snow
building a snowman.
Others would rather stay warm by the fire.

The comforting fire
seems to scare away the cold.
Outside, the snowman
acts as a symbol for upcoming Christmas.
The freezing snow
is like a cold blanket, and, to keep us from shivering frigidly, we drink even more hot cocoa.

We finish our hot cocoa
and sit beside the fire
once more. Outside in the snow
the cold
is a reminder that Christmas
is only a few weeks away, we will have to knock down our snowman.

The snowman
is complete, so we drink hot cocoa
to pass the time before Christmas.
We all lay by the fire
and stare outside at the cold,
icy snow.

Sun melted the snow, which destroyed our snowman.
Cold weather soon turns to cool, so there is no need for hot cocoa.
The fire slowly died down, and a few weeks ago was Christmas.

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