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The Beautiful One's Fade (Based on a Sequence of Nine Dreams)

April 1, 2009
By BeatlesFreak BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
BeatlesFreak BRONZE, Mason, Ohio
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It is the last
Warm day of autumn
As they stroll down
The back alley of hard life
They are young, beautiful gods,
Full of light and combustible energy,
Draped in a shroud of decadence,
Wandering through a twentieth century dreamscape.

The girl with hair like the wind
Moans a shudder
As the brown-eyed boy
Licks a shard of glass
And slices open his tongue
Tasting the salty blood in his mouth
He thinks,
This must be the taste
Of drowning in the ocean.
To her it is the smell of
Death in a slaughter house.


The girl walks away,
Leaving him
Sitting on the warm bricks,
The blood flowing down his chin,
Staining his virgin white shirt
To become
The color of rotted berries.

The day turns black
As a million bats cloud the sky
Like dark seraphim,
Like the last autumn leaves
Blowing in a chill wind,
Like dead night falling on a city
Where the brown-eyed boy rises free
The blood soaked bricks and stumbles
Through a wilderness of random purgatory.

Awake in the new light, he runs through
Psychedelic meadows of infinite destinies.
Upon the fresh breeze he catches a brief whiff
Of heaven after a rain,
Under the golden rose of fading sun.
Purple thistles sway in
Fields of forgotten forevers.
In the twilight, he touches the mad unicorn
And sees a vision of
The girl with hair like the wind
And all she was
And he knows
He must return.


Back to the city bathed in complete obsidian,
He sees her through opaque cloud passings
Of a blind moon,
He sees her in blinks of violent violet lightning
Atop the gargoyle covered roof of a church.
She writhes in mournful abandon,
The keening of her faded soul piercing the sky,
Her fingers scraping clouds with rasps of thunder.
To her, she was the goddess of loss and longing
In throes of tragic need.
To him, she was the eye of the storm,
Staring at what she could not see
Through the chaos.

The brown-eyed boy climbs up,
Spreading wings of long white feathers,
Soaring heavenward to take in his arms
The girl with hair like the wind
And dance in the crescendo of the storm
Beyond dark purrs of dying thunder,
A rising rhapsody of heart murmurs
In the dream starred night.


In an ecstatic epiphany,
Bare lips against lips,
Mouths met, tongue caresses tongue,
And she feels the healing gash on his
And thinks,
This must be the hole
To his heart's thoughts.
To him, it was the snake,
The evil part,
Seeking the warm, wet haven.

Returning to the silent streets,
Snowflakes drifting down like bones and eggshells,
Like white gauze covering earthly wounds.
They stand together, like lovely vampires,
Like marble icons under a luminous moon
Bathing in the countryside in soft blue serenity.

Alive in this lucid environment
Saturated with cognizant dreams
They stand breathing exhilaration,
Hearts melting the air with
Burning songs of passion and rapture
Sung only by the angels
The insane.

The beautiful ones fade
With a scream to a sigh
From tragedy to ecstasy
Into a love of omnipotent passion,
A love of perpetual motion.

Translucent souls
Burn forever in
Skies of ethereal music.


And then there they are,
You and I,
Who transcend this dream,
Radiant in our reflection.

The night breathes
And in each other's arms
I whisper soft as flickering candlelight glow,
J'entend ton coeur,
I can hear your heart.
Even when far apart It beats as one with mine.

For love is all that matters.

J'entend ton coeur,
I can hear your heart, my love
I can hear your heart,
Feel your heart.


Close your eyes
And let the dreaming begin,
As our spirits expand,
To the heavens we ascend.

Close your eyes,
Feel the passion and the power
Bursting from within us outward,
Such an intense emotional shower.

Close your eyes,
And ride these exhilarant winds,
When larger than life
The mortality of our love never ends.

Close your eyes,
Let the emotion flow pure and free,
I am such a part of you,
As you are so a part of me.

Close your eyes,
And this sensual desire
Between you and I
Can only lift us higher.

Now open your eyes,
Feel so ecstatic, immaculate and divine,
The dream we believed in all our lives,
As we burn, we breathe, we shine.

Under the moon and stars and sun,
We pirouette, we swoon, we dive,
Together we are one
And upon this passion we thrive.

Now open your eyes,
Paradise has come to us from above,
Feeling so intensely, so in love, so alive,
We revel in this passionate love.

Open your eyes,
Our love will never fade or sever,
This love so pure and true and alive,
Truly this will last forever.


You close your innocent eyes
Yet my face illuminates the darkness
Calloused fingertips glide down scarred skin
Lines between right and wrong are blurred
Tender kisses melt away worry.

I gaze upon your trembling body
Wondering why you shut your beautiful eyes
My fingertips touch you silky smooth skin
This is what I know is right
My lips follow where fingers once trailed.

You open your eyes and catch me staring
Suddenly you want to run and hide
A tear slips from your lovely eyes
You softly whisper, "Please stop."
Your body shakes awaiting my reaction.


I watch you open your eyes
My body wanting to engulf yours
Then I notice that one lone tear
When you say, "Stop" I’m stunned
But still I unwrap myself from you.

You sit withdrawn from me
Scanning the floor for your scattered linens
In the dark you feel my hand grab yours
The warmth in my touch is so inviting
You lay your head on my shoulder and let it all go.

I look at you wanting to hold you
But don't for fear it will scare you away
I can't understand what I did wrong
I reach out and take hold of your hand
When you lay your head on my shoulder I feel the tears

You feel my fingers running through your hair
Closing your eyes, you whisper to me the reason why,
Tell me about the man who took what you didn't give
You cling to my body never wanting to let go
You feel my heart beat against your ear

I try to calm your unending sobs
I hear you tell a story too horrible to be true
Your fingernails dig into exposed flesh
I pull you to my face and kiss your forehead
In your ear I whisper, "I love you".

We both get lost in between sheets of clouds
Two souls intertwined in the night
Soft moans pierce the silence
I think of only loving you forever
You think of it always being us together.

And I say,


You and I dancing in the clouds
Arms wrapped tightly around your waist
Hold me

Your hands cupping my face
Lips whispering soft melodies of love
Touch me

Tense, sweaty bodies in a trance
Moving to the beat of our own music
Kiss me

Arms guiding me towards the moon
We sit down and you hold me tight
Have me

Panting heavily our tongues meet
Softly pulling the hair like the wind, you moan
Take me

A trail of clothes, musk fills the air
Naked, skin on skin, making love
Love me

My body aches from missing you,
even before you have left my side
Need me

Hold me, touch me,
Kiss me, have me,
Take me, love me,
Need me.

Engulf the sun, intertwining vine
Sensual vision, sweet design
Loving arms caress soft thighs
Quivering, joyful eyes
Breathing, with two hearts
Past fear departs
Feeling free
We see

And it goes on
And on and on
Forever just like this.

10 (The Epilogue)

Every day and every night
I visit you
Curious to see
What mood
You are in.

It does not matter
How I find you.
Or perhaps,
Roaring with passion

I love all your faces.

You call me near
As I dive into
Your every thought,
I realize
My love for you
Day by day.

You embrace me
With all you've got,
Lift me up,
And leave me
In complete ecstasy.

Oh! How I love you,
My lady,
and The girl with hair like the wind.

And I say it again,

J'entend ton couer
We are together,
The brown-eyed boy
The girl with hair like the wind.

As I wake,
The beautiful one's fade,
Until we meet again.

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Shorty307 said...
on Dec. 29 2009 at 8:42 pm
This is absolutely beautiful!!

on Jul. 25 2009 at 7:19 pm
wombatz-rule GOLD, Montrose, Minnesota
15 articles 0 photos 53 comments
This is so beautiful...this poem has truly moved me. Your choice of words is beyond amazing. All of your work is so fantastic. Somehow your poem captures the essence of delicate little things and immense power and passion. I look forward to any new work you have.