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March 25, 2009
By GracesEkphrasis SILVER, Portage, Indiana
GracesEkphrasis SILVER, Portage, Indiana
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A herd of sheep is lost in the desert.
Flip, Flop, Fluffle
They stumble about in a truculent sandstorm.
Squabbles sizzle throughout the troupe.
Creaking stomachs drown out
the sounds of whimpering lambs.
They'd all been saving room
for their luncheon with Mr. Sandman.

the three-pronged cactus where
they were supposed to turn left,
never appeared.

And now they are tardy.

The author's comments:
Sandman- bringer of sleep
Counting Sheep- helps you fall asleep

A lot of people I showed this to didn't pick up on that.

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