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ode to basketball

February 10, 2017
By dre.showtime SILVER, Sacramento, California
dre.showtime SILVER, Sacramento, California
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You are my best friend.
We spend all of our days together
You appear as big as a pregnant belly,
With grip as smooth as a babies bottom.

You greet me with your  sounds of dribbling.
We share lots of memories together,
From half-court shots in games,
To a 21 point performance against a rival team.
With you I am the best possible me.
You are how I express myself.

You release me from all the pain and anger.
Without you I am a lost cause. 
But you are my friend,
So you stay by my side.
I have a love for you like family,
And care more for you than
a mother bear for her cubs.
We go together like white on rice.
I show thanks by caring for you,
Shooting you into baskets,
And dribbling you among the courts of our choosing.
While you show your appreciation with made buckets.

The author's comments:

this poem is completely my point of veiw about basketball. how it makes me feel an how it is my passion. #ballislife

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