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March 9, 2009
By TheColorSilver PLATINUM, Commack, New York
TheColorSilver PLATINUM, Commack, New York
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I hate the thing that hangs in the bathroom,
Always there in front of me,
Some call it a great invention,
Though I must say I disagree.

They tell me that I'm pretty,
That I'm tall and that I'm thin,
They say my nails are long,
That I've got hair straight as a pin.

But when I walk in the bathroom,
See that girl looking at me,
I want to cry,
Because I don't see someone pretty.

I should believe what they say,
Somewhere I know it's true,
But I notice every flaw,
And I don't know what to do.

She is sad and scared,
But wants to be strong, I can see,
No one will reach out to her,
Someone please help me.

The author's comments:
I just want to say this is not true, but what inspired me to write this is to shed light on the issue that millions of girls face everyday. Please read this article, and my others and comment, thanks. your comments are appreciated!!

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