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July 7, 2016
By KristinVasquez SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
KristinVasquez SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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As little kids we were told they would help us when in need.
We were told they were friendly.
We were told they would protect us.
Many looked up to them and aspired to be like them.
But we were shielded by the harsh reality.
They go around believing they have this power.
A power they use to harm those of all races.
We weren't told that they would kill many of our own.
We weren't told that these role models would  turn into murderers.
We were shielded from this.
Recently ,the truth has been revealed.
Children are watching videos of people getting murdered by a COP.
Being murdered by those we once looked up too.
No one knows both sides but the force used was unnecessary at some points.
Then they sit in front of their stations and sometimes a jury and get off the hook.
No remorse on their faces.
It was just another day on the job for them.
While they were "doing their jobs" , others were getting ready to mourn their loss.
But no one cares.
These police stand side by side.
Not all are monsters but recently thats all we have seen.
So who do we believe ?
Who do we trust?
Why must we live our lives in fear wondering will that be us next ?
Answer that for us.
Let us know why you have become those we should be afraid of instead of those we should trust.
Stop the bloodshed.
Give those the justice they deserve.
Let these families have their peace.
Let others be free of the fear they have for themselves, their children and loved ones.
Let us live in peace.

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