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Lightning Liberty

March 2, 2009
By Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Arluanna PLATINUM, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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The fog was thick, the night old,
On the night when this story began to unfold.
The angels weep
The cities sleep
The Demons Keep
Sleep, Eden, sleep.
Eternal rest, eternal shame
To play this demonic chess game.
The dead alive, ruling the world
The ships sunk, the flags unfurled.
Among the undead a hero began to rise,
A small speck against the skies.
The human figure, the demons despise
The one, the only, the girl who flies.
She, alive, surrounded by dead,
Cutting into them till they bled
The slayer on the hunt
The Vampires in the game
The Werewolves sharpen the blunt
And heavy weapon, the demons tame.
They began to wage a war
With the girl, continuing to soar
Armed with stakes and daggers and swords
Why me, she constantly implores.
But she fights the good fight
Using the lightning as her torchlight
Making thunder crash and boom
She fights forever till her doom.
This is the end of the endless hunt
The beginning was so long ago
I can almost hear the grunt
As she pushes against the winds, blow
She was a little girl on the night it began
The little girl, forever living, didn't understand
Didn't understand slavery, or being one that is
For she was under the cruelest rule, his.
We shall go to that story tonight,
Shall fight the endless fight
We shall witness her striking the Wizards down
Wresting the land from the ungrateful Crown.
The night was old this story began
Older still was her lifetime ban
Banned from Hellgates, banned from Light
Banned from death, exiled to life
I shall tell the story tonight
Tell of her long flight
So please sit down, please sit tight
Let me tell this story right...
The thunder boomed, the lightning flashed
The slaves screams, the whip cracked.
The lightning powerful, the thunder bold,
Illuminating her, the girl unsold.
The slavers shouting, the slaves awed
As she stood before them all, like a god
Her brown hair whipping around her scarless face
As she began the War between the Human's race.
She stood, shackles broken, her back scarred
The king escaping, his way barred
By this girl, this god untold
By a magician, a slave bold.
Her eyes, gray as the clouds,
Her clothes, gray-green shrouds
She stands up high, waiting for all to stop
She raises her arms, screaming, raising to the top.
She turns her eyes unto the guards, terror stricken and alone
They scream as they all turn into nothing but bone.
They slaves scream and cheer
Now here's a leader they can revere!
But then out of nowhere lightning did strike
It engulfed the girl, whom the slaves like
The sight met now was desolate and confused
The lightning read FREE TO CHOOSE
The slaves looked to the only one who could read
The excitement grew like a watered seed
He read it aloud, the slaves were freed,
All thanks to a girl who would still bleed.
The guards with terror flinched and cowered
As lightning struck the Wizards tower
For many minutes a battle ensued
An endless, pointless bloody feud
The wizard clad in blue cast a spell of light upon the ragged girl
She deflected it with her wrist, a simple twirl
Lightning crackled above, striking the old wizard
He fell to the ground, begging for mercy like a lizard
The lightning struck again, abiding its master's call
The wizard stood, and began to fall
The apprentices looked at one another, alone and lost
Knowing what their apprenticeship would cost
They stood together, ready to die
As the lightning forked down from the sky
But an inch from the eldest face
They freed the Slaves race
The lightning receded into the clouds
As the girl in mystery shrouds
Disappeared without a sound
Leaving lightning all around.
She was placed now in the tower of the Vampyre King
Let her blood boil, allow her lightning to sing
The prayer of the Slaves to the master
Let her kill them, faster and faster!
The Vampyre turned on her, his fangs agleam
A worthy opponent, it would seem
Then the lightning cracked, the thunder a rumble
As the old tower began to crumble
And from the highest spiral a scream began to rise
As the Vampyre fell out of the skies
Through his heart was a stake of wood
From his own tower, which once stood
The girl stood, grimly surveying the war-torn landscape
She turned, calling to her lightning, trying to escape
The thunder lulled, the lightning cradled
To sleep she sank as the storm handled
They handled her, their precious master
Beginning to anger faster and faster.
Who would weaken the girl so?
She was no more than a child, like a deer's doe.
The lightning took vengeance on wizards all around
The alarms rang and began to sound
The other elementals rose to fight the weather
Fighting the old storm, smooth like leather
They found no leverage, found no crack
They found the girl, though, in the storm's shack
She slept, weariness keeping her unconscious
She slept for days on end, the storm growing anxious
But finally she woke, her eyes like lightning, her face like the clouds
She turned, facing the cheering freed crowds
She smiled then, the sun came out
Her mouth opened to tell them what it was all about
But before a word could be uttered of their freedom
She was swept away to the North King's kingdom
The lightning flashed in anguish and hopelessness
The world was shrouded in the grieving storms blackness
Far away from the reaches of the storm
She was caught in a cold hailstorm
In the clutches of the worst enemy so far
Beyond the reaches of the Southern Star
She met the watcher of the North
From the prison she was brought forth
To face the greatest enemy she had known
Her own father, to the bone!
She was given a sword and a dagger and a bow
He was given his domain, from which endless ice flows
He fought first with a sword of ice
He shoved his daughter into the cold, unknowingly rolling the dice
She fought back, swinging her sword up overhead
He parried, and slid his dagger free from its scabbard
As she crossed dagger and sword to block his overhand swing
She inhaled a breath sharply as the dagger entered her side; she was dying
She roared in pain and shoved him back
She kicked him in his chest sending him into black
He fell through his wonderful ice, his snow
He pounded the other side, his panic in tow
She watched the man in hate and dismay
Then cursing her weakness she shoved the blade
It forced itself into the ice, and he clutched it as she drew him out
He laid shivering, ice being flung about
She turned, dropping her sword into the snow
She began to walk, feeling the wind blow
Unheard the man stood up
Curving his hands into a cup
He dipped them into the ice taking life-giving water
He shaped the ice like clay for a potter
He made a star to be thrown into his daughters back
He whirled around, beginning to attack
As the ice star flew through the air
His daughter turned around and struck her there
Her eyes wide with shock, her blood staining the pure white snow
He smiled as the wind ceased to blow
The girl fell to the scarlet red ground
As he came forward, kicking her around
She looked up into his pitiless face
She smiled and he drew back a pace
Then his eyes went wide with fear
Out of his back protruded a spear
She turned, saw a lone slave
She smiled, and he blushed, the brave!
She placed a hand over the wound
Taking snow and packing it smooth.
She smiled at the man who had saved her
H took her into his strong arms as she began to shiver
He carried her to her father's palace
Smiling at her, showing no malice.
He laid her in a large bed in the largest room
He had former slaves dress her wounds
They fetched water and food for her
They would do anything for the Slave Freer!
Several months passed in the icelocked kingdom
Everyone came to mourn the one who gave them freedom
A surprise for many, a shock for some
The one who freed slaves was not undone
She lives in the icelocked land, remember
Her and the one who rescued her?
They live together, husband and wife,
Free forever from slavery's knife.

The author's comments:
I don't know what prompted me to write this, but I do know it's one of the longest poems I've ever written

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