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4 walls

January 14, 2009
By tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
tabby GOLD, Waverly, Ohio
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the four walls what do they mean ?
anger hate hurt heart chrushed
unbreakable unseen untouched
is that what the four walls mean?
the four walls what do they mean?
are they for know one to see
to not see your hurting because of your tears spriking down you face?
what do the four walls mean?
have you ever though of just letting a little some one in
not everone breaks your heart
some may help you glue it back together
one piece at a time
not every guy the same
but now you need to find that guy
he may be someone you know
now the questuon is who's that someone?
is he the guy from last night?
is he the dream guy you always though of?
is he the one thats so understanding?
is he the one that can make you feel like your self?
is he the one that knows you?
is he the one that feels the same for you?
what do the four walls mean?
four walls mean everything

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on Apr. 19 2009 at 12:08 am
horseluva BRONZE, Midlothian, Virginia
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this piece was outstanding!!!!!keep on writing!!!!!=-)