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Save Me

February 23, 2009
By Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
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This feeling I am not use to, the numbness. I feel nothing. I could try, but it would never be successful. I could see the rest of my life with you, but i might question it everyday. I honestly do not know. I may have my doubts, newly created none the less. This past stranger has me in a death grip. Come save me from myself. He has made me numb, not wanting to feel when he is too near. It's an awful game of cat and mouse. He's made me drown in self exile. And all in the same time I swallow my own heart, making it turn to ice, Afraid to feel what I once did. In the end he always wins, with me so helpless to stop it all. Yet, how do I feel this way when I Feel nothing at all for him. When I can not feel because of him. My heart needs to melt. I need that constant flame. Come save me from myself. Come save me from him. Come be my superhero one last time. I promise you won't regret it. Just come save me from this iron grasp, melt this heart of ice. Come save me, just one last time, you never have before, I put my faith in you. Please come save me from myself, from him, from this heart of ice.

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