A Logger's Daughter

March 2, 2016
By BriCake SILVER, Sundown, NY, New York
BriCake SILVER, Sundown, NY, New York
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He works all day even nights too

He never gets paid that much a day

I'm a logger's daughter and i have something to say


I wait up all night looking for him too

All I want to hear him say is "I love you"

Each night I pray that God's Breeze be calm today

And don't let the trees fall his way


He wakes up early and stats his day

with coffee in hand he drives away

He arrives on sight 

filing his huskey til he gets it just right


Putting on his hard hat and chaps,

Into the woods he goes

Where a great big hemlock tree grows


It's how he makes his cash,

Cutting all the mountain ash


His job is very dangerous I know this is true

But please protect him and his crew


As he gets home I'm fast asleep

He walks through the door tired and beat

But he still finds time to say goodnight, 

and sleep tight

I'm a logger's daughter and I had something to say

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