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The Road Less Traveled

February 16, 2009
By Tanner Holm BRONZE, Kaysville, Utah
Tanner Holm BRONZE, Kaysville, Utah
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To take the Road less traveled,
Is to take a road unknown,
To shed your fear,
And wander here,
Is courage surely shown,

You take the road less traveled,
To find the beauty rare,
There's a reason for your loneliness,
Cause the road you walk is bare.

Someone must have walked here,
Quite a while ago,
They must have warned the others,
About what you now know.

The pavement-cracked,
The bushes-burned,
Curiousity and the Cat,
Your lesson learned.

You kick a rock,
Slip on some leaves,
Come crashing down,
Upon your knees,


Sick of the toil your anger boils,
Still on your knees you turn to see,
All that you left at that terrible cleft,
Where the road tore asunder and left you to wonder,
"Where would that road less traveled lead me?"

In the Dusk of the day,
On your knees you stay,
As your heart says "Forward!"
And your mind says "Nay!"
As the two collide,
A spark is supplied,
Deep in your core,
where it becomes more,

Soon you're aflame,
You're eyes burning bright,
In spite of what came,
You travel through the night.

You took the road less traveled,
And ended....somewhere less,
But the journey is what took you,
and gave you happiness,

As you tell your story,
Of your travels past,
Risk gained your reward,
And pain became your cast,
For those still standing there,
looking for the way,
Think of the road less traveled,
And the adventure bring it may,
Yet don't be confused,
With Risk you risk to lose,
Yet safety gives you gain,
To nothing but the same.

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xjustlistenx said...
on Mar. 2 2009 at 2:42 am
love how it makes u feel that you are also taking the journey swesome read