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Your the one of a kind

February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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I sit here waiting
Staring into space
Slowly im fading
I hear your ring
And my ears perk
Death takes a jerk
Pulling me back
The tapes fell
Load off the racks
Time still gone when your alone
And when im full
Face stuffed with the confusion
You feed with your dark blue eyes
Ocean night eyes
They speak the words i seak
But my body haults in your presence
Stop signs in my face
My knuckles bleed with the frustration
What do we do now
Is it now or never
Why'd you have to sit
And why did i stare
We both know the truth
Or are we foolish
Lost in the pool
Drowning so slowly in love
You tell me
Cause right now my berrings are lost
My maps ripped
And my mind is torn
Theres you and them
And im in the middle
So what do we do now
Do i dare now or never
Sever the limbs of this
Accident scream with q's and a's
The night of last
The moon to sun
In the time that passed
Gone in a flash
The butterflies flew fast
Punching my insides telling me to go
The rest said no
We got lost in eachothers eyes
But now my visions weak
I dont know where im going
Or if you care
I just dont know where
Love let alone life is fair
Your the one of a kind
I seek without looking
The one of the rare
You sing along
And ill strum the strings
And wait for whatever may bring
I know i want you
I feel it in the depths
And the soul
Your the most confusing
But again the soothing
Voice of you places me back
Your the unknown
The darkness i fear
But the light i grasp for
Im just afraid of the door
That will slam against my face
The second i reach the last step
But im still going for it
At some point

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on Sep. 11 2009 at 10:32 am
GraceGallows PLATINUM, Plainville, Massachusetts
41 articles 32 photos 13 comments
i really like this its awsome :)