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February 4, 2009
By Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
Aubree PLATINUM, Rutland, Vermont
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plain and empty
im the one you can not see
like hollowed out glass
just invisible me
just invisible me
how i wish you'd notice
but to you, im just not there
your so beautiful
i wish i didnt care
passing in the halls, the streets, the world all together
just walking through the seasons
and all the changes of the weather
just wishing you were right there with me
for every step, every breath, every sight to see
but that wont happen because im
just invisible me
just invisible me
you have no knowledge of the hapiness you bring
with every slight touch
and every eye 'meet and greet'
maybe once in a life time
a hello as i go by
to surprised to answer, conversation goes cold
i want to explore your mind
and earn the key to your heart
i want to be with you
so we would never have to be apart
like gum on a shoe, i wanna be stuck
in a rut, being yours for the rest of my life
a show and tell, id show my heart
still bleeding, still pumping, still fresh from within my chest
i crawl to your feet, dragging myself up
half blue, half white, i regain conscienciousness
i look at you with such delight
"my dear" i say slowly but surely
"the control center to my body in my hands, is easy to understand, but being more than a tower, is more complicated. it brings my happiness, my pain, my love. you over power it all with the little things you do, so i give to you, what is yours."
my hand extends as far as it could go
with my gift in show
you look at me for what seemed
like the first time
a tear dropping quietly from your eye
you put your hand on my heart
and all the relieve leaves with a sigh
"i love you" you said so sweet, so soothing, so real
once again, i could think, i could see, i could feel
you grabbed me, holding me tight
no longer was i
just invisible me
just invisible me
i was human
i was yours....

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