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Romeo And Juliet

January 30, 2009
By Bianca GOLD, New York, New York
Bianca GOLD, New York, New York
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A real story
Something people can relate to

Not no fairy tale
No fairy godmother
No prince charming
Not a Girl wearing lace

But a story.
Something real

No Fairy tale can tell the
Story of REAL Love
Not Cinderella and prince charming
Not Sleeping Beauty and her Betrothed
Not snow white and her dwarves

Something Real
Nothing with a happy ending

Romeo and Juliet Was a story
He loved some girl
She didn't want him
He was depressed
That he could not be blessed
Ad his friends stressed that
He indeed need to get some
So they went to a party
Where instead of getting his 'Love'
He found a true beauty

This was a story of forbidden love
A story of true love
Real love
Where people died
To confirm
That this love
Was real
Where she loved him and he loved her
And they created their own magic

No fairy god mother
No witch
No warlock
No dragon
No bitten apples

Just two star-struck lovers
Just a feud
A fight
And death

Now that's a story
Of true Love, No fake happy ending
Only a reassurance that
Not everything
Not everyone
Ends up happy

Not all love is real
And life isn't a fairy tale

All that is looked for
Is Reality
Not some Disney written happily ever after
That replays long lost emotions
That shows what could've been
But wasn't 'meant to be'

No Happily Ever Afters
Only Reality.

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