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Nothing Left

July 30, 2015
By withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
withBloodandFire GOLD, Burnt Hills, New York
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Favorite Quote:
I stopped checking for monsters under my bed, when I realized they're inside me.

How sweet would be the kiss of death,
How soft the embrace?
How soothing the eternal darkness,
How soon till I see your face?

When does the suffering end,
When does the pain stop?
When will I finally breathe,
When will I reach the top?

Where do the demons hide,
Where do they prevail?
Where is the light I search,
Where does this boat sail?

What is there left to give,
What is there left to take?
What road do I choose,
What will ease the ache?

Why does it have to be this way,
Why fight when already lost?
Why take a chance now,
Why pay the crippling cost?

The author's comments:

It's better to feel pain than nothing at all.

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