Invisible Mourning Dove

July 10, 2015

I see you with her and how happy you two are

I only wish you knew that you're my lucky star


Falling for you was never in my plan

But now I have and love, to me, is a foreign land


If you only knew you were my everything

To you I am nothing but a bird who's afraid to sing


I am but a morning dove that everyone passes by

But no-one stops to listen to my mournful cries


I feel as though I am translucent and see-through

But I bet you see no-one anyways whenever she's with you


Her beauty is ineffable, that much is true

I guess I need more than a sense of humor to be visible to you


Everyone says you two are perfect and have a genuine love

While she is she,  I am me: the invisible mourning dove...

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