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Daughters for Dummies

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

You understand computers,
don’t you, Dad?
So few other things
come as easy to you
as computers.
If you knew me the way you know computers,
we wouldn’t fight like we do.

Computers have manuals.
Help sites.
Computers for Dummies.
It’s your bible,
isn’t it, Dad?
Too bad there isn’t a book,
Daughters for Dummies, or
Daughters for Dummies Part II:
On Teenagers.
It would make life so much easier.

I wish you could accept me, Dad,
for who I am right now.
But I’m not a computer.
And I never will be.
So I wonder if you will ever see me
the way you see a word document
pulled up on the screen.
I doubt you will.

When it comes to this,
you are like a Pentagon computer.
Making you mad is like pushing the big red button.
The one that says ‘Do Not Push’
You are complicated
while I am fairly simple
I would be a computer
without even internet access.

this will certify that the above work is completely origianl
Lyndsay Marie Seibet

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