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Where I'm From

May 25, 2015
By CarolineCott BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
CarolineCott BRONZE, Greensboro, North Carolina
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I’m from a warm familiar smile,
changed into a frown.
I’m from the strong, assuring arms
made to let me down.

I’m from a broken promise shouting,
“You’ll always be mine”.
I’m from my own dismantled voice
that lied to say “I’m fine”.

I’m from the cold and heartless words
I wish I didn’t hear.
I’m from the pain of losing one
who used to hold me near.

I’m from the fickle changes that
I couldn’t learn to love.
I’m from a new adjustment and
new dreams I’m dreaming of.

I’m from the lesson learned through pain
that taught me how to live.
I’m from the realization of
just how much I can give.

I’m from the heart that strengthened
far behind the lonely tears.
I’m from the soul that hid itself
for several passive years.

I’m from the ones who build me up
when others tear me down.
I’m from the rhyme and reason
for my disappearing frown.

I’m from my naive, blinded eyes
that finally can see.
I’m from a lost, confusing world
that now makes sense to me.

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