Changing Landscape of Time--The Earth’s slime

April 2, 2015
By 5denniston SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
5denniston SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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Thriving life, massive and bold,
An ancient world with stories untold,
A sad, but distant story of whoa,
Once 65 million years ago.

Tyrannosaurs killing machines,
Carnivores full legs, trunk and teeth, strictly no greens,
Exotic creatures from the days of old,
Once 65 million years ago.

Long necks, tails and thick squat bods,
These herbivores known as Sauropods.
Between plants they would wander to and fro,
Once 65 million years ago.

How one day it happened the World is not sure,
A land at peace, calm, and pure.
Changed from the mountain tops to valleys below,
Once 65 million years ago.

Massive volcano, asteroid or comet?
The answer might have to come from a prophet.
What happened you ask?  No one seems to know,
Once 65 million years ago.

Their bodies are scattered across the land,
Ancient dried bones, buried in sand.
The secrets disappear as the wind does blow,
Once 65 million years ago.

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