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Let the Walls Fall Down

December 19, 2008
By Okaykayluhh SILVER, Everson, Washington
Okaykayluhh SILVER, Everson, Washington
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"Everyone wants to be happy and nobody wants to be in pain, but you can have the rainbow without any rain."

Why has she thought
that all these years...
she meant nothing, and no one cared?
Years of self negativity and doubt
Seemed to have turned her into a new person.
A worse person.

In her reflection, she sees crooked features
Mocking her as she stands in frustration.
They are Laughing at her blank stare

Oh how she misses those years from way back when.
When everyone was seen as beautiful,
Through the small eyes of an innocent child.
Isnt it simply true...
That children, more than anyone else,
Can find the beauty in everything?

How could that child that once was,
Now critisize others?
Just as she does herself, more often.

That child is still somewhere deep inside of her.
Every now and then for a breif moment
She gets a glimps of the beauty
Of everything everywhere.

Her desperate calls the the girl she wants to be
To help her see the truth,
Can not be heard through the walls of hate and disgust,
And the barriers that keep pushing away truth,
And letting in lies only.

That girl who she longs to be,
Hides in the shadows,
Though she wants to come into the light.
But the girl that she is, Is blinded by the media.
And the words that push her down
Are leaving her hanging on by this invisible thread.

She looks back into her blank eyes,
Realizing somthing needs to be done.
She closes her eyes and exhales.
She tears away layer after layer of the wall
That surrounds her soul
Now her soul, heart, the girl she wants to be, and the child deep within scream
“Let the walls fall down!”

The walls crumple and fall,
They seize to exist.
The girl she wanted to be all along
Is free from this prison of lies and judgment.

Her eyes reopen to the mirror,
And she sees someone she doesnt recongnize.
But somehow she knows this face so well.
This beautiful girl that stares back at her
Was always inside of her
Just praying for a way out.

The author's comments:
My poem is very personal, but also ery relatable. I think that every girl, at one point in her life feels the way that the girl in the poem felt. We all have doubts and negaive thoughts, but its up to us to tear the walls down.

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