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Innocence of a Child

December 7, 2008
By Imagine SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
Imagine SILVER, Greenwood, Indiana
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Favorite Quote:
"A thing is not neccessarily true because a man dies for it."

Sounds of sirens pass the child
His tears are rolling, fast but mild
The boy folds his hands in prayer
And bows his head, just sitting there

Oh, the innocence of the child
Is so much greater than me and you
For the lives the boy prayed for
Were ones he never knew

The deadly collision is now in view
As traffic moves up a car's length
or two

And another man glances, not once but twice
Weighing his options, like a gambler with dice

The traffic moves forward
But his thoughts linger awhile
"They don't need my help
Or my prayer or a smile"

The police lead the cars around the collision
The man left no time to second guess
his decision

And the boy that prayed when sirens screamed?
Was the boy in the crash, whose death was deemed.

The boy only gave, and gave 'til he died
While the older man cared less, drove by and sighed

Oh, the innocence of a child
Becomes so tarnished as we age
And replaced with self-centered worries
Unlike our younger sage

The author's comments:
For century upon century, age has represented wisdom, while the youngest of the youth has so been denoted as foolish. By showing the TRUE innocence of children, it comes to show that something internally changes between the days of childhood and the days of adulthood. This little boy didn't know HE would be the boy that died. HE didn't know that the sirens came due to the wreck HE was in.

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