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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

She knew I was missing, so she went to go find me,
And when I didn't show up in the usual places she knew that something had gone wrong somehow,
She scaled treacherous terrain
-Trails I scale with determined ease that lands me on top every time-
She drowned Vast Oceans with hopeless thoughts of me at the bottom... Trying to teach the fish to breathe and reading them my poetry with convincing jestures of sadness that draws them to me (She searched and low) - every empty place and every blank stretch of scenery that lacked me made her hopless to until she felt the fiery feeling that made me flee in the first place, she never looked where I really was - Gutters and puddles and hills that make no sense to reside in when you're in love- and I watched her travels, heard her sighs when encountered with these fruitless leads I knew because I was in her shadow, waiting for her to look over her shoulder and see me there smiling and ready to take her so I'd never have to go home...
This will certify that the above work is completely original."
Savannah Baker

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