I Remember

I remember February 30th of last year--
the pigs grew wings, soaring high in the air
the rainbows were straight and Arthur’s knights had fear
the sidewalk was straight too, the clock was in tune,
the world had not seen itself in this wonderful view

I remember the day for its specialty pies,
which unexpectedly had no crust;
I remember the marbles and jacks
that the youngsters had left behind to rust
I remember the day for its record high Apple sales,
for its overcast weather but pleasant gales,
Its strange TV shows that had no characters,
everyone had gone on strike, even the actors.

I remember the tale, because people had rallied
prisoners pulled out of gallows,
to gather in great numbers at Capitol Hill
all vying and hoping they’d pass the new bill

I remember that day, when Congress did listen,
that day when the dome did sparkle and glisten,
the national broadcast of C-SPAN was listing
the results; the vote was clear,
declared loudly for all to hear:

“from this day forth, by Merlin and Aberforth,

I remember the world’s decision
was not met by any derision
for peace was at hand in the world and the land
and the wrongs being rights were met without fights
all in the world would be heard and remembered
that day, when the world was finally rerendered
to fit the material of hope and dream,
wherein diamonds and dust both equally glean.

And, besides, who doesn’t like crustless pies?
pizzas with crusts are lasagna in disguise!

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