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Get Skinny

November 19, 2008
By Kaitlyn Gartner PLATINUM, New Hope, Minnesota
Kaitlyn Gartner PLATINUM, New Hope, Minnesota
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Alone I sit watching the minutes pass slowly by
They see me and wonder how soon it is that I will die
Words they haven’t spoken are nestled in my head
Actions left undone I feel may lie ahead

They never leave me alone yet neither intervene
The concerns they think to speak live only in their dreams
Sometimes I’m left to wonder why they never act
But in the end I’ll be grateful when life finds me on my back

Perhaps they have realized old habits never die
Or maybe they don’t care when it is that I will fly
Am I wrong in thinking they wont miss me in the end
Someday I will never know who thought they called me friend

I’m sitting here alone again crying out to those who’ll listen
And even though I’ve lost control I’ve gained some of their attention
Now it is too late to take back what I never said
Help me, feed, me, save me, life’s worth living in the end

Now all that I ever wished for has finally come to be
I can only hope the ones I loved will forever remember me
All I ever wanted was to lose a couple pounds
And now it’s far too late for me to turn around

When they finally saw me come out from behind this storm
There was nothing they could do to keep me out of harm
Things they left undone and concerns they never said
Will haunt them evermore when life finds me forever dead

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