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October 21, 2008
By alicerjames SILVER, La Vergne, Tennessee
alicerjames SILVER, La Vergne, Tennessee
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I love Shakespeare. And the Bronte sisters, Austen, and The Scarlet Letter. So anything from those.

i don't want to think about
tomorrow--something that
never will come.
it's just another day,
nothing more important than the next.
today is my focus;
nothing more than that.
perhaps i'll find me,
perhaps i'll find you.
today is my focus;
everything less than that.
tomorrow's just another day,
another way to waste today
nothing meaningful,
nothing pithy.
today is my focus;
this and more.
tomorrow isn't here,
and never will be,
and wholly insignificant.
i won't worry, won't bother
over something so inconsequential.
today is my focus;
so much more than tomorrow.

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