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October 27, 2008
By karen_xo PLATINUM, West Chester, Pennsylvania
karen_xo PLATINUM, West Chester, Pennsylvania
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Headlights illuminated
the torrents of rain
Wheels skidded across
the slippery road
Metal made contact with
a living, breathing body
There was a sickening thud,
but no scream from the victim
Poor thing, left there to die
as the car raced away
Lying on her back, her legs
thrashed wildly in the air
No one offered to help,
no one took pity on her
Cars passed by in a hurry,
splashing water on her
Raindrops rolled down
her muzzle like tears
Police officers arrived
to see just another deer
Just another deer to be
put out of its misery
All because of one mistake,
one careless driver
The air turned cold as an
officer pulled the trigger
And the rain fell without
end from the black sky

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