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Friendly, Jubilant, Genial, Lively

Sibling of Bridget and Blake

Lover of the outdoors, It makes me feel free and open, animals, they are intriguing to me especially ones I don’t know a lot about, and my family, they are my rock they make me feel like being myself.

Who feels really shy in front of a lot of people, awkward when I feel like people are staring at me for long periods of time, and happy when it finally stops raining outside.

Who needs hugs from my mom and dad when I need encouragement or have just had a long day, funny moments with my sister at night before we finally fall asleep, and silly comments from my little brother that make me laugh for long periods of time.

Who gives clothes to my sister once I grow out of them, give advice to my cousin when she needs it, and love to my family and friends.

Who fears grand daddy long legs, being in deep water not knowing what is swimming beneath my legs, and being in a dark room all alone not knowing what else is going to show up in there with you once the light is off.

Who would like to see the ocean and what the water looks like, if its truly as beautiful as everyone says, my sister and brother grow up to be successful, and the grand canyon.


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