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My Knight In Shining Armor

August 9, 2013
By Cuzziebear SILVER, Missouri City, Texas
Cuzziebear SILVER, Missouri City, Texas
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My knight in shining armor has no armor to behold

No sword to fight

No shield to block

Just a simple cross of gold


A great price he paid on my behalf

No man could measure up

To this beautiful heavenly Son

Who gave his precious blood


A cross on which he gave his blood

To fight for sinner's sake

This man would risk his everything

For an unrepentant slave


I did not earn his love or his valiant show of mercy

But this I know with all my heart

I'll never again be barren or thirsty


Jesus, oh Jesus, the Heavenly Son of God

None can compare to the price you paid with blood

No knight in shining armor do I want, or ask, or seek

When the man I always needed is beckoning: "Come to me".

The author's comments:

This is a piece I wrote after years of struggling with depression. The one thing, the only thing, that saved me from committing suicude was giving my life to God and asking Him to save me. Many people may call me crazy, but I don't care. No matter what anyone says I will hold on to this truth: That Jesus is alive and that He loves not just me, but all of us; no matter how sinful we may be. All we need to do is just call out to Him and He promises to save us. 

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