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Cage Bars

August 12, 2013
By PeanutButterJelly SILVER, Hanahan, South Carolina
PeanutButterJelly SILVER, Hanahan, South Carolina
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How come I can’t have my own voice?

You act like I don’t have a choice or I’m too young to know anything
But look at me
Just because I’m a minor doesn’t mean you’re valued higher as a person
You think you’re kings and queens with stunning rings and golden bracelets
But what about the Blue Jay you keep in a cage in your castle
Just because she has “everything” doesn’t mean she isn’t
Begging for flight
But you deny her
Because you’re scared she will never return
But she will
because you granted her freedom

Though, when she sings for a chance now, you knock her down from her perch
Heartlessly and almost selfishly
The beautiful bird tries again, hiding her misery in the bottom of the cage

Soon the bars will rust and fall

So it’s not like life is the game of LIFE so stop trying to win every time
If you listened you’d know all the correct answers to my questions

And maybe you could understand that I’m afraid of dying without
At least trying to experience some exciting and fun memories

These are the years I’m supposed to have fun before I take on major responsibilities
Listen to what I have to say because even though you’re afraid of letting me go
And being wrong I’ll want to leave considering the way I feel you treat me
The cage is already beginning to rust
I am not baby bird anymore
I need to learn to fly on my own someday
Let me find myself, mom and dad
Because if you don’t
I’m sorry but I swear I will never fly back.

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