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Remember When

September 26, 2008
By Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
Faith PLATINUM, Fairmount, North Dakota
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Remember when we were young
Young and unwise
Finding amusement in such little things
Remember our first day of school
How our parents walked us to the room
And how they waved goodbye
Remember when we sat down
And made our best friends
How we learned to tie our shoes
And cleaning desks with shaving cream
Remember how the boys and girls
Would tease each other endlessly
Remember those finger paints
How we would paint each other’s noses
And then adding color to the walls
Those bathroom paper towel fights
Remember when we found our first crushes
How we would chase them around the playground
And those brick hard pieces of bread
How we would start food fights out of peas
Remember when we went to high school
How the upperclassmen teased us
How we would eat in the bathroom
When we finally decided we didn’t need to fit in
Our supposedly first love breaking our hearts
When we sat and watched movies over and over again
With Gallon sized ice cream cartons
When we slipped on the trampoline
And threw grapefruits at the neighbors
Remember when
All these things were just little things we did then
Not thinking about the lasting impression
And that, we make fingerprints

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