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you make the call

June 9, 2013
By joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
joeyhamilton23 PLATINUM, Des Moines, Iowa
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its been a hard days night as mean mr. mustard scares the children with fright
but i just can't seem to sleep
while my guitar gently weeps
as rocky racoon slyly creeps
but, she's leaving home
with a little help from my friends
Lucy and Rita best friends to the end
try not to wake lady madonna with dreams in her head
as Eleanor Rigby waits at the window to make sure she stays in her bed
but she gets a bad thought and she starts to cry baby cry
thinking about yesterday
but she tells herself you've got to hide your love away
and everybody else has got something to hide except me and my monkey any way
then they start going down towards penny lane
then sweet little Michelle says its going to rain
so they went to the yellow submarine after the long and winding road
with a ticket to ride where the octopuses garden growed
Rita started to feel bad and sad Julia your mother should know
then Julia said if i do that than tomorrow never knows
then out of nowhere the nowhere man Maxwell
said we can work it out
so we went to the carnival of light
and the circus show was about to start the with the very famous mr. kite
the show began and mr. kite said hello goodbye
while doing ten summersets high up in the sky
then came out dear prudence with a "hippy hippy" shake
then out come an inner light that's when we knew the magical mystery tour was gonna be great
but bungalow bill came out from the matchbox and we all knew he was the fool on the hill
but greatly came Polythene Pam like a blackbird in the sky
stopped him in his tracks and screamed tell me why
he said it was all too much, but I'm sorry honey pie
I'm just really drunk don't let the piggies take me but there was no reply
then she said fine just get back here before it's the end
but it was too late, before he was out the door
the piggies came running said he'd be in jail till he was 64
and they knew who he was because they caught him the night before
they asked him if he was on any drug
he said that he was and it was on the tip of his tongue
then they took him away
back in the u.s.s.r
after the show ended
Rita said I'm to tired to drive my car Lucy could you
Lucy said yes, but we had to take home her friend Jude
Juila asked who he was and he said i am the walrus
and I live across the universe but love can hold us
soon we where there
strawberry fields
where nothing is real
we sat there because the wind is high
it blows my mind every time
feeling free as a bird as time goes by
then we ate some wild honey pie
feeling like day trippers we said goodbye
the walrus said to Rita I'll keep you satisfied
he gave her a kiss and began to fly
they sat in their car and watched him go
they finally dropped Juila off
as she ran to her golden slumbers with a cute little cough
close your eyes and say goodnight she said to her doll
she let her eyelids slowly fall
this is the end of my story,but was there one at all?
I'm just a beatles fan, so you make the call.

The author's comments:
i'm just a big beatles fan

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